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ECE 3724/CS 3124 Quiz #9 – Timers Quiz, Fall 04 Solution - Reese a. Assuming a oscillator frequency of 12 MHz, configure Timer 2 and the PWM module to produce a square wave with frequency of 3 KHz (just give prescale, PR2 values – I do not want C-code). Choose the prescaler such that the PR2 value is greater than 10. b. c. Assuming TIMER2 is configured for PWM mode, with a value of 0xC8 for the PR2 value. What value for the upper 8 bits would need to be written to the duty cycle register (CCPR1L) to give a duty cycle of 20%? d. Assume Timer2 is configured to produce an interrupt period of X for postscale = 4, prescale =4, and PR2 = 0xC0. If PR2 is changed to 0x20, postscale changed to 15, and prescale changed to 1, how does the new interrupt period Y relate to the old interrupt period of X? e. Write C code that configures timer1 for a prescale of 8, internal clock, 16-bit read/write mode, turns it on, enables its interrupts, and enables capture mode for every falling edge. f.
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