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BMGT 364 SuarezSpring 2012 Syllabus_Final

BMGT 364 SuarezSpring 2012 Syllabus_Final - BMGT Management...

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                                    BMGT Management and Organizational Theory Course Syllabus (Spring 2012) Professor: Office: Office Phone: Office Fax: Email: Office Hours: Dr. J. Gerald Suarez 4516 Van Munching Hall 301.405.2427 301.314.8787 gsuarez @rhsmith.umd.edu Mon & Wed, 5:45-6:00 or by appointment Class Dates & Times Monday & Wednesday: 2:00PM – 3:15 PM and 3:30-4:45PM Course Readings & Materials: (1) Text Book: Williams, C. (2011). MGMT4 – Student Edition. South-Western Cengage Learning. ISBN 1-111-22131-6 (2) Course Materials: Details regarding how to register and pay will be provided in class. Army Crew Team Case ($4.00) Everest Leadership and Team Simulation ($12.50) Course Web-Page The course syllabus, PowerPoint slides used in class, grade posting and general announcements concerning the course will be included on the Blackboard course web page. Students can login to their course by going to http://bb.rhsmith.umd.edu . A university ldap id and password is required to access Blackboard courses. Information on changing or resetting ldap id is available from https://ldap.umd.edu/cgi-bin/chpwd . Additional information about R. H. Smith Blackboard is available from http://www.rhsmith.umd.edu/blackboard . Students are required to update and maintain their current email address in Testudo as Blackboard uses this address to send course related email. Failure to update your email address may result in missing additional information. Visit the site frequently as lecture slides are posted on BlackBoard typically the evening before each lecture (course documents folder). I encourage you to use them in class to facilitate note taking. In addition, visit the gradebook folder frequently as you are required to raise questions about potential data entry or calculation errors within one-week of grade posting. Finally, some of the required reading assignments (see course schedule at the end of syllabus) will be posted on BlackBoard (required reading folder). The readings provide essential background knowledge for class activities and must be completed prior to the start of each class. Lectures will supplement 1
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information gained from the reading assignments and integrate course material. It is expected that you will prepare in advance for each class session by reading the assigned material. Course Description & Objectives BMGT 364 addresses contemporary management challenges stemming from changing organizational structures, complex environmental conditions, new technological developments and increasingly diverse workforces. The course highlights critical management issues involved in planning, organizing, controlling and leading an organization. BMGT 364 will help you understand some of the issues involved in both managing and being managed and equip you to become an effective contributor to the organization you join.
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BMGT 364 SuarezSpring 2012 Syllabus_Final - BMGT Management...

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