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English 110 The Ku Klux Klan in the 1920’s The Ku Klux Klan (also known as The KKK), is an organization of white protestants who were mainly prejudiced towards African Americans, with exceptions of other religions or race groups (Simkin). Other groups disapproved by the Klan included Jewish, Catholics, and any other form of immigrants not living their style of life (Simkin). There have been three different Klan movements in history, all different from one another (Liberator). The first Klan was founded by six Confederate Army veterans in Pulaski Tennessee, the year of 1866, as a social fraternity after the civil war (“Trelease”, “Liberator”). Nathan Bedford Forrest was the Klan’s first leader who was known as the “Grand Wizard” (Liberator). When the group first started, their intentions were to help widows and children burdened by the confederate war (Liberator). Politics became involved with both parties, (Democrat and Republican) who didn’t support the Klan due to the fear of the KKK becoming another political institution (Liberator). Since the founding members were southern confederates, the African Americans winning civil rights angered the Klan along with the increase of immigrants coming from overseas, changing Americans dynamic (Simkin). The anger led to Klan members beating, threatening, and hanging African Americans out of spite (Liberator). In 1871, Congress passed the Force bill which gave the President the right to use troops against the Klan, in hopes for the KKK to abolish (Liberator). The Ku Klux Klan is remembered as one of the most secretive organizations in history for advocating white supremacy of the traditional ways Americas founding founders intended the country to be. Today the physical and harmful acts wouldn’t be accepted, although at the time of the 1920s, African Americans or any type of non white immigrant race would be
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agonized by the Klan. The new Ku Klux Klan eventually reformed as an organization during 1915 in Atlanta Georgia lead by Colonel William Joseph Simmons (Chalmers 28). Simmons was an unsuccessful salesman who claimed he had a vision of bringing together American, white, Protestant men to fight against what he calls “aliens” to keep nation safe (Blee 18). Finding recruiters to join wasn’t easy in the beginning so Simmons decided to create Klan slogan- “100% Americanism” (Katz 71). During World War 1, different fears arose of the country changing due to the new increases in immigration, communist movements across the world, and the freedom of African Americans (“Trelease”). These problems were all contributing factors to the reformation of the Klan (“Trelease”). Similar to the first generation of Klansmen, despicable acts of treachery performed on innocent individuals continued as before with murders and beatings (“Toonari”). The image of the reemerging Klan was judged as a fraternal, social, American, Christian group,
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English 110 research paper (Autosaved) - English 110 The Ku...

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