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A Thin Society Anorexia has transformed from a psychiatric eating disorder into a lifestyle. In “ A Secret Society of the Starving” , Mim Udovitch interviews multiple girls from different blog websites who are “Pro-Ana” or “Pro- Mia” (Udovitch 557). Pro Ana and Pro Mia are lifestyles that advocate to living anorexic or bulimic in a World Wide Web society with various other “Pro” supporters (Udovitch 557). Many of the various websites are operated by girls with blog names referred to such as A norexia Anorexic Fasting, Wannabeboney, or Skinny Anorexia Pro Ana. These girls spend hours of their day blogging about fasting methods and Thinsporational quotes so they can maintain through starvation without getting off track (Udovitch 557). Clairegirl (her blog name) is a normal high school teenager except for the fact she starves herself and posts her day to day experiences online; including how much she ate, her weight and height, and her exercise routine on internet Pro Ana blogs (Udovitch 558). According to Udovitch, “the Pro- Ana community is largely made up of girls or young women, most of who are between the ages of 13 and 25” (Udovitch 559). The debate whether these girls should be able to post this information is uncertain because of the influence it may have upon other girls leaning towards being anorexic or bulimic. Udovitch states many of the websites have been shut down by the National Eating Disorders Association to prevent this problem from getting out of hand (Udovitch 561). Udovitch writes from a standpoint where it appears as if she was mocking these girls who turn to this website as a sense of comfort. Pro Ana websites won’t force naïve girls to choose to be anorexic since the disorder is a mental impairment. The sites will rather support in an expressive way for these lonely, depressed girls to receive a form of counseling and friendship from others who actually understand the stress and pressure they go through. Reading something on the internet doesn’t necessarily convince you to believe or live by
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the words read. This is the same case scenario when a girl is curious to explore Pro Ana sites her skinny classmate recommended. The fact that someone may be influenced to eat less doesn’t mean she can randomly devote herself to the physical challenge. Udovitch states “Volitional, proactive anorexia is not a disease or a disorder…There are no victims here. It is a lifestyle that begins and ends with a particular faculty human beings seem in drastically short supply of today: the will” (Udovitch 560). I completely disagree with Udovitch for various reasons. The disorder affects the mind, not the cup of broccoli being eaten, which leads to later blog post at the end of the day. On the website
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eng 110 - A Thin Society Anorexia has transformed from a...

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