eng 110 cookout - Compton Cookout Gone Wrong At University...

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Compton Cookout Gone Wrong At University California San Diego, a fraternity’s intention to host a ghetto themed party named “Compton Cookout” was held to support black history month although it turned into an utter disaster. In “ Racist Frat Boys Will Be Racist Frat Boys…” , Lisa Richardson explains how the members of Pi Kappa Alpha invited friends to partake in dress codes of stereotypical ghetto attire (Richardson 3). The event dress code enforced girls to wear Baby Phat, nappy hair, and gold teeth (Richardson 3). Not only was proper apparel necessary, but also the correct personality attributes of a low class African American individual (Richardson 3). According to Richardson, personality characteristics included girls to be excessively load, starting drama, limited vocabulary, smacking lips, and making angry faces (Richardson 3). Little did these ignorant students know, inviting guest over Facebook would turn this soirée into an activist issue (Richardson 3). Richardson states, “The event started to reach civil rights groups, the Los Angeles Urban League, Craigslist, and even Essence Magazine, which posted an item on its website” (Richardson 3). The UCSD campus tried their best efforts to separate themselves from the controversy by affirming the university had no part in this event and highly refuse acts of discrimination (Richardson 3). According to “ Beyond a “Compton Cookout” , an editorial published in Los Angeles Times , “the university announced a plan to address the growing racial tensions. It includes making greater efforts to recruit minority faculty, forming a commission to address the campus climate, ensuring ongoing funding for the chancellor's diversity office, creating an African American Resource Center and establishing quarterly meetings between the administration and members of the Black Student Union” (Editorial 2). As for Compton High School, students were obviously upset over the issue but didn’t let it ruin the spirits for all. Compton High School senior, Ernesto Villasenor says, "We weren't going to let them have the power to use our name. We weren't going to let it slide," who plans to attend Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York (Gordon 1). In result to the letter, UCSD planned to send 20 Compton High School students to the university’s teen summer program (Gordon 1). Pi Kappa Alpha’s decision to host such a degrading party was wrongful and fortunately the University
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eng 110 cookout - Compton Cookout Gone Wrong At University...

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