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eng 110 essasy 2 - Life in the Hard Times An abundant...

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Life in the Hard Times An abundant amount of soldiers in the recent Iraq war are surviving more than any previous war in history. Thanks to medical advancements in the last 20 years, the survival rate is higher than ever before, although the survivor’s lives may never be the same. In Struggling Back from War’s Once- Deadly Wounds, Denise Grady interviews a marine who suffered catastrophic brain damage due to an explosion when fighting in Iraq. Jason Poole is a younger aged, typical man with optimistic patronage for his country, although a brain injury wasn’t anticipated. Since the injury, Poole has slowly regained memory and life has almost gone back to normal with some everyday obstacles that he will cope with the rest of his life. Similar to Poole, many other soldiers and marines of the war are facing formidable life changing predicaments. The Washington Post did an expose on different soldiers living at an army medical center named Walter Reed. Different soldiers talk about physical and mental harms that still haunt them today to give readers a better understanding of how their lives have changed. Some also talk about the medical center and whether it’s benefited or hindered their troubles. Jason Poole and the soldiers mentioned in the Walter Reed expose have similar war experiences with distress to remind them of the Psychological, emotional, and physical pain endured during the war. The liability a soldier risks battling overseas leaves unpredictable physical aftermath that may be the outcome. Jason Poole’s consequential physical harm was face destruction which left him with an image of himself he couldn’t erase from his mind. According to Grady, reconstructive surgery should have been done instantly after the
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explosion so the bones could properly reform together (Grady # 336). Unfortunately an artery expanded in Poole’s head which meant postponing the surgery due the possibility of causing the artery to burst, killing Poole as result (Grady # 336). When the time came, Dr. H Peter Lorenz, plastic surgeon at Standard University, started the first operation which lasted 14 hours (Grady # 336). Incorporating titanium plates and disks were used to reassemble the bones and maintain the shape (Grady # 336). Other surgeries were necessary to repair Poole’s eye socket, forehead, and left cheek. Similar In The Wounded and Walter Reed, an expose through The Washington Post, mentions Sergeant Dan Shannon who stays at Walter Reed, has had similar physical detriment to Poole. According to the Post, “Shannon was a sniper in the 2nd Infantry Division's Ghost Recon
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eng 110 essasy 2 - Life in the Hard Times An abundant...

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