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interpretation essay - Interpretation Essay Artemisia...

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Interpretation Essay Artemisia Gentilesch After Artemisia’s piece, Judith beheading Holofernes , the artwork masterpiece, Judith and her Maidservant was created. Originally in 1614, Artemisia created the first piece which showed Judith and her maid with Holofernes head in a basket, as the two women looked worried and guilty (8). The second version shows the same women, with more confidence and dignified (8). Also the women are middle aged unlike the first edition which historians believe followed the same timeframe of Artemisia’s life (5). The main interpretation of the essay includes biographical, psycho-biographical, and feminism. The interpretation of biographical and psycho-biographical is symbolized because the art is relevant to a certain situation that transpired in Artemisia’s being. A devastating rape occurred in her life at a young age by a male who was a family friend until he betrayed them (Gluek 1). Ever since the occurrence, Artemisia’s painting method
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interpretation essay - Interpretation Essay Artemisia...

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