eng 100 Essay 1 - A Female's Plump Nightmare Getting ready...

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A Female’s Plump Nightmare Getting ready to check out at your local grocery store, you usually encounter the magazines with juicy headline stories about how your favorite actress gained 10 pounds and has cellulite on her thighs. In “Fat is a Feminist Issue”, Susie Orbach elaborates on how women receive heartless criticism on appearance. The fact that women have pressure to maintain weight control for the ideal body image is Orbach’s main point. Women desire the perfect family but to reach that goal they must find the husband first. Orbach wrote, “To get a man, a woman has to regard herself as an item, a commodity, and a sex object” (202). In other words, a woman must live up to these harsh expectations for a man to find her desirable. Also media influences fashion and that may be an added stress to women since when trends change, body shapes and sizes might too. Orbach reminds women that motherhood and age play a role in life so women must look forward and embrace the opportunity. Orbach thinks women should tell the world: “take me for what I am not who I’m supposed to be” (204). I agree with Orbach’s analysis that media’s perception of women also relates to the male perspective and the fashion industry which stress women to relentlessly think about weight. Media is all around us whether it’s on television we watch, magazines we occasionally read, commercials blasting from the car radio, or celebrities we admire. From a woman’s point of view, I’m very influenced on the media around me. Something simple as watching TV while feeling jealous of Kim Kardashians idealistic physique can sabotage my confidence. Orbach
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eng 100 Essay 1 - A Female's Plump Nightmare Getting ready...

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