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eng 100 Essay 2 ... - Just a Click Away Every time I go to...

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Just a Click Away Every time I go to the airport, the number of people on their cell phone astounds me but it makes me wonder what would happen if this privilege wasn’t available. “What’s the Matter with Kids Today” is an article which supports the argument that technology improves us rather than affect our lives in a bad way. Amy Goldwasser is supportive by giving examples on how we’ve connected to the new world thanks to cell phones and today’s advanced online system. The main question the authors ask is whether it benefits us or not? The article particularly focuses on how the new generation is benefiting from technology. Not only do children use internet for play but more productive tasks such as finding out news or researching facts for studies. To support her argument, Goldwasser says “The average teen chooses to spend an average of 16.7 hours a week reading and writing online. Yet the NEA report did not consider this to be voluntary reading and writing”(239). Elders who are too close minded to accept technology and find it hard to support the new generation is the group of individuals who look down upon children that use modern advancements. Goldwasser is completely right about technology because it helps college students such as myself with jobs, talking to friends and family back home, and staying connected with what’s going on in the world. If you see the traveling businessman, usually carries three things- his laptop, phone, and Bluetooth. Also don’t forget that ipod for the long plane ride. All items essential for everyday work and without them what would he do? Technology might have been the biggest blessing since it makes staying connected to the world much easier. If these businessmen need technology
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eng 100 Essay 2 ... - Just a Click Away Every time I go to...

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