eng 100 essay 3 - Obvious Intellectualism Throughout life...

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Obvious Intellectualism Throughout life some people learn material easily by reading a book and others by going through obstacles. Two types of smarts are street smarts and book smarts which are talked about in ‘Hidden Intellectualism’ written by Gerald Graff. The people Graff went to school with weren’t intellectuals so Graff would hide the book smart side he secretly had. He claims throughout the article that reading sports magazines, which some people might not find challenging, apparently helped him develop problem solving strategies and ways to analyze. The example he uses is “In my reading of sports books and magazines I began to learn the rudiments of the intellectual life: how to make an argument, weigh different kinds of evidence, move between particulars and generalization” (300). He believes for people to learn, they must be interested in the topic or the motivation to learn will be lost. He encourages teachers to make assignments based on students to help them in school. Students success I feel matters upon how the student is influenced, the amount of interest in the subject, and how much experience you have. Children use their parents as role models in most cases since we want to be successful as they are. My parents and I are blessed to have a comfortable living situation, but it’s not something you’re given overnight. Throughout school, they’ve pushed me to learn and attempt the best grades possible. Unfortunately school doesn’t come easy, so they had to be patient with my slow progression. I was usually punished for bad grades and if I ever skipped school, I would
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eng 100 essay 3 - Obvious Intellectualism Throughout life...

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