eng 100 Essay 4 - The Union's Best Friend In the past...

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The Union’s Best Friend In the past, Wal-Mart has had a bad reputation for treating employees poorly. Karen Olsson, author of “Up against Wal-Mart” documents how Wal-Mart employees are underpaid and unfairly treated. She gives examples of unhappy employees who find it hard to support themselves and lack benefits they deserve. She shows Wal-Mart isn’t unionized because of the company’s stance against it, even though the workers have supported the idea of unionizing, Olsson says, “Across the country, workers have launched a massive drive to organize a union at Wal-Mart demanding better wages and working conditions” (344). Wal-mart owner, Sam Walton’s lack in business ethics and stingy owner tactics might be the reason the company never treated employees well. Olsson stated, “He paid his first clerks 50 to 60 cents an hour- substantially below minimum wage at the time” (347). Also gender problems have seemed to occur since Olsson states women make a majority of the company, although barely any make top store managers. However I disagree with certain views such Olsson has by only addressing facts about how Wal-Mart treats all employees poorly but never addresses the customers that rely on Wal-Mart financially. I do agree with her ideas about how Wal-Mart should be unionized although I doubt it will ever happen which won’t help the company progress. The stereotypical idea that Wal-Mart treats employees horrendously is a misconception
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eng 100 Essay 4 - The Union's Best Friend In the past...

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