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Extra Credit According to Yahoo news minorities are anticipated to be the new U.S majority in the next 40 years. Many Hispanics conceive more children than the average white family would, which constitutes the population difference the country is facing. Demographers believe this year is the “tipping point” to more babies being born from minorities than whites. Age also plays a role since Hispanic women tend to have children at an earlier age rather than whites who tend to wait. The 2010 population count starts next week, when 120+ families receive their census forms in the mail. According to the Census Bureau director, Robert Groves, “If we fail to count a newborn that is born this month, that new born misses all the benefits of the census for 10 years”. The Census Bureau is also doing promotion campaigns to help Hispanic mothers be aware to record the number(s) of children in household, that way the country can get a better perception of the actual count of minority and white children being born. This is an example of counting the
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