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Extra Credit Article In the New York Times science section online the article, “Disaster awaits Cities in Earthquake zones”, informs readers within the further decades, major cities in the Middle East could possibly result a tragedy earthquake- perhaps more destructive then Haiti. Unfortunately areas that may result in destruction include Karachi, Pakistan, Katmandu, Nepal, Lima, and Peru. Roger Bilham, seismologist at the University of Colorado , predicts the city Tehran may have an earthquake killing up to 1 million civilians! According to the various scientist mentioned in the article, areas are becoming overpopulated too quickly which is the reasoning behind these disasters. Ironically enough this predicament associates to the current chapter in class because it relates to the Malthus theory concerning population control and if areas are compacted with people too quickly it can result in problematic outcomes.
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Unformatted text preview: Also regarding the world population distribution chart shown in class, areas in the Middle East such as India obtain millions and continue to produce, if continued population will only create more impact on our globe. Predictions of the problem come from natural increase which can be changed. From my point of view, this article is vastly relevant to the latest material taught in class. As for my personal opinion, I feel rural spots should consider population control because destruction of areas that contain millions may be at stake. Also other areas throughout the world use contraceptives and limit population so tragedies don’t get out of hand. The outcome of the situation is in Mother Nature’s hands so all we can do as people is contribute as much as we can.
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