poli sci PAPER - "The New Grand Old Party" At the age of...

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“The New Grand Old Party” At the age of seven or eight, I remember waiting in a doctor’s office glancing at the magazine next to me. The headline read “Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky”. Sadly enough, the first political event I remember was Clinton’s irresponsible mistake. I asked my mother what the headline meant and she responded with a rude comment about Bill Clinton and how he should keep certain body parts to himself. My first impression of politicians was that they are all sleazebags, thanks to Bill himself. I never understood what Clinton accomplished in office except the unhappy discrimination my parents felt about him. I started caring about politics when September 11 th occurred because it made me realize how devastating a country’s disaster can be. After the terrorist attacks, I started paying more attention to the news and updates on our troops in Iraq. As for my parent’s political views, my father is conservative republican and my mother is conservative democrat. My parents are overall politically active. If any election occurs, they always vote. They also listen to live talk radio to stay informed on news and events on a daily basis. I try to talk politics every chance I get and since we agree on most issues, I always find ways to discuss them. I find the discussions fun by observing their points of view because I usually learn new reasons on why they agree on a certain topic. Sometimes my father acts the stereotypical conservative role of being close minded and selfish which often annoys me. My family’s political values I believe have passed down generation to generation. In our “We the People” textbook, families are referred as the case of how ones political values are formed. My grandfather was a conservative, old fashioned businessman who influenced my father and his values, later passed down to me. For a majority my views agree with my parents, although I think on a different social level. We agree on economic views of a conservative but I have some social views of a liberal that they might find disagreeable such as abortion. No one in particular influences my political views although I have politicians who inspire me to run for president or Floor Speaker. I’m not a fan of Hilary Clinton, however I respect her courage to run against Barack Obama since she is a woman and Obama was perceived as the “new JFK” with overall popularity. I respect the effort she attained and I feel she did the best she could. My dream would to be a powerful woman in politics, maybe not president, but Nancy Pelosi should watch out for her job. The first idea of a national health care program happened in 1854 when President Franklin Pierce vetoed a national mental health bill because he felt it was unconstitutional to
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have government involved with people’s personal health care (Legal 10). Private charities, community authorities, and religious institutions provided what services were possible to the sick, elderly and poor whose health care couldn’t be supported by their families. (Legal 10) The
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poli sci PAPER - "The New Grand Old Party" At the age of...

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