Quiz 1 - Quiz 1 Chapter 1 1. Nutrition a. Science that...

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Quiz 1 Chapter 1 1. Nutrition a. b. Process of ingestion, digestion, absorption, transportation, excretion 2. Factors that affect food choices a. Environmental b. Health status c. Sensory d. Cognitive e. Genetics 3. American diet a. Proteins-16% of kcal a.i. 10-35% advised a.ii. 66% from animal b. Carbs-50% of kcal b.i. 45-65% advised b.ii. 50% from simple sugar c. Fat-33% of kcal c.i. 20-35% advised c.ii. 60% from animal 4. Nutrients a. Provide energy b. Regulate body process c. Contribute to body structure c.i. Macronutrients c.i.1. Carbs c.i.2. Proteins c.i.3. Lipids c.i.4. Water c.ii. Micronutrients c.ii.1. Vitamins c.ii.2. minerals 5. 6 classes of nutrients a. Carbs b. Protein c. Fat d. Vitamins e. Minerals f. Water 6. Carbs a. CHO b. c. 4 kcal 7. Proteins a. CHON
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Made of amino acids c. Body structure d. Regulate body process e. 4 kcal 8. Lipids a. CHO b. Fats-solid at room temp c. Oils-liquid at room temp d. Make hormone e. Carry vitamins f. Provide cell structure g. 9 kcal 9. Vitamins a. 13 a.i. Fat soluble a.i.1. A,D,E,K a.ii. Water soluble a.ii.1. B and C b. Enable chemical reactions 10. Minerals a. Inorganic b. 16 essential b.i. Major minerals b.ii. Trace minerals c. Nervous system function d. Water balance e. Structural systems f. Cellular process 11. Water a. 60% of body b. Solvent c. Lubricant d. Transports nutrients and waste e. Temp regulation f.
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Quiz 1 - Quiz 1 Chapter 1 1. Nutrition a. Science that...

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