Quiz 3 - Carbohydrates-Formed during photosynthesis;...

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Unformatted text preview: Carbohydrates-Formed during photosynthesis; Photosynthesis-6CO2 + H2O + energy=C6H12O6 + 6O2; Condensation-water is formed;hydrolysis-water is a reactant; Monosaccharides glucose, fructose, galactose; Glucose- Found in fruits, vegetables, honey; Fructose- Found in fruits, honey, corn syrup; Galactose- Found as part of lactose in milk; Disaccharides sucrose, lactose, maltose; Sucrose- glucose + fructose table sugar sugar cane and sugar beets; Lactose- glucose + galactose milk sugar Found in milk and dairy products; Maltose- glucose + glucose Product of starch breakdown; Complex Carbohydrates-Chains of more than two sugar molecules;Composed of complex carbohydrates-starch, glycogen, fiber; Oligosaccharides- 3 to 10 monosaccharides;oligosaccharides found in-dried beans, peas, lentils;2 types of oligosaccharides-raffinose, stachyose;raffinose is composed of-galatose, glucose, fructose;stachyose is composed of-2 galactose, glucose, fructose; Polysaccharides- 100s to 1000s monosaccharides Starch-Long chains of glucose units; Amylose starch with straight chains; Amylopectin starch with branched chains ; Resistant starch-not digested; Starch is found in- grains, vegetables, legumes;plants store energy as-starch; Amount of energy as glucose stored in skeletal muscle for muscle activity-...
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Quiz 3 - Carbohydrates-Formed during photosynthesis;...

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