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Lab 7 3 phase Motor Control BRAE 216 Fall 2011 S F Kelly 1 CalPoly BRAE Date Performed 11/3/11 Lab 7 3-phase Motor Control Circuit Objectives: Learn basic wiring principles Equipment: Motor starter ¼ Hp 3-phase induction motor Pushbutton controls SJ wire Plugs Procedures and Methods: 1. Construct the 3-wire control circuit on the board, using the materials provided. The SJ cord is used to connect the motor to the starter and the plug to the starter. The 14 AWG is used everywhere else. Wire the 3- phase motor to the low voltage option. 2. For wiring diagram, see attached pages. Figure 1 Cutaway of a 3-phase induction motor
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Unformatted text preview: Discussion: In this lab, we assembled the circuits between a motor, a motor starter and a switch. Our group found it fairly easy to follow the diagram on the board and wire the correct wire in the correct spot. The most difficult part of this lab was connecting the SJ wire to the motor and matching up the wires. It was highly beneficial to see and assemble the materials that we have been talking about in class. In addition, this real world application will help us in the future. Overall, this lab was very helpful to our understanding of how a motor works and how to wire all of the components together correctly....
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