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236 irrigation tour lab - On drip irrigation it is...

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Irrigation System Tour Lab On September 21, 2011, the BRAE 236 class went out to the Irrigation Practices Field for a tour. Border Strip Irrigation : One border strip was irrigated for about 50 minutes. Furrow Irrigation: Two furrows were irrigated at one finger-width for about 55 minutes. One furrow was dammed. Difference between furrow and border strip irrigation: Border strips infiltrate at a much higher rate due to the greater amount of surface area available for infiltration. On the following page is a graph infiltration time. The graphs seem to show that the furrow took less time to infiltrate. This is due to recording error and miscommunication between groups recording the data. Drip Irrigation : The volume of water collected from 1 emitter in 5 minutes was 74 mL. The flow rate determined was 0.23 gallons per hour. Detailed sketches of emitters are in attached notes.
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Unformatted text preview: On drip irrigation, it is necessary for the water to be filtered down to .05 mm to avoid clogging of the emitters. Sprinkler Irrigation: The pressure of the sprinkler was 80 psi. Due to complications with the electrical fence, we could only record data from one sprinkler. We determined that the flow rate from one sprinkler was 5.66 GPM. Figure 1 shows the sprinklers. Figure 1. Hand move sprinklers Linear Move : Linear move is a large structure off which sprinkler nozzles hang down and irrigate the crops. They move along rectangular fields very slowly. On a linear move, the sprinkler nozzle sizes are all the same except for the two end nozzles which a smaller due a smaller area that needs irrigated. Figure 2. Linear move structure, spinkler nozzles are circled Figure 1. Graph of border strip and furrow advance and recession....
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236 irrigation tour lab - On drip irrigation it is...

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