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10/31/11 BRAE 236-02 Lab 6: Soil and Plant Water Determination Lab On Wednesday, November 26, 2011, the BRAE 236 lab went out to the Irrigation Practices Field to measure the soil moisture depletion. Mr. Gaudi talked to us about the importance of understanding the concept of soil moisture depletion (SMD). An irrigated field should start out at field capacity (FC), or virtually no air in the pore spaces. The SMD is how much the soil dried down before an irrigation event. Once the SMD is found, then a farmer must use that to find out how long to irrigate to return his field to FC. In other words, SMD is what the farmer irrigates according to. After our discussion of SMD, we had the opportunity to find the SMD of a soil. We inserted an auger into the ground at certain depths, twisted the auger and pulled the soil up to the surface. One person would grab a small amount of soil and try to fit the descriptions on the “Soil Texture Classifications ‘Feel and Appearance’” chart. For a full description of data, see Chart 1 on following
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