236 pipeline hydraulics lab

236 pipeline hydraulics lab - BRAE 236-02 Lab 3 Basic...

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Unformatted text preview: 9/23/11 BRAE 236-02 Lab 3: Basic Pipeline Hydraulics On Wednesday, October 5, 2011, the BRAE 236 lab went out to the Water Resources Facility to build PVC pipeline and run tests on it. PVC pipe, fittings, primer and cement were used to construct a PVC water supply (See Figure 1). After the pipe was cemented together it was held in place for 30 seconds and then left to set for around 5 minutes so that the meld would hold and not burst apart when water moved through the pipe. After the pipeline was assembled, a hose was attached with a pressure of 25 psi. Figure 1. Melding PVC pipe Once the hose was turned on, the pressure was measured at upstream, downstream and at the nozzle exit. All three measurements were taken for a closed pipe, lavender, red and orange Wade Rain Gauge nozzles. The 101.6 feet of pipe created a pressure loss due to friction. Water movement through the pipe, elbows and joints applied friction and resulted in the head loss. The pressure downstream dropped, ranging from 7.5-12 psi of pressure loss. Once all the pressure downstream dropped, ranging from 7....
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