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The complexity of brands and branding 1

The complexity of brands and branding 1 - The complexity...

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The complexity of "brands" and "branding People Individual Roles a. Owners b. Brand Committee -- Related to Brand Charter. c. Retailers d. Rep A brand rep is another way of saying Sales Associate. Basically your job will consist of representing the brand of the store and at the same time doing the normal tasks you will find in every retail stores such as, cash register, maintaining of the sales floor, fitting room attendant, closing and opening, restocking product. e. Strategist f. Ambassador Brand Ambassado r s serve as the face of their client company at promotional events. They offer the company a chance to make a good impression on prospects. An effective brand ambassador is one who is interested in the product they are promoting, who can easily connect with the product. " During the live brand experience they become the identity of the brand, because they are the only human interface between the brand personality and the consumer. They are the people
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