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Physics Qualifying Examination Problems 1–6 Thursday, January 6, 2011 1–5 pm Problems 7-12 Friday, January 7, 2011 1-5 pm 1. Solve each problem. 2. Start each problem solution on a fresh page. You may use multiple pages per problem. 3. At the top of each solution page put the problem number (1–12) and your FSUID number, but not your name or any other information. Academic Honor Code Students are expected to uphold the Academic Honor Code published in The Florida State University Bulletin and the Student Handbook. The first paragraph is: The Academic Honor System of Florida State University is based on the premise that each student has the responsibility (1) to uphold the highest standards of academic integrity in the student's own work, (2) to refuse to tolerate violations of academic integrity in the University community, and (3) to foster a high sense of integrity and social responsibility on the part of the University community. Specific rules for this exam: 1. Sit only in your assigned seat. 2. All cell phones must be turned off during the exam. 3. You are allowed to bring a hand calculator and a book of math tables, but not one that has a list of physics formulas (e.g. Maxwell's equations or the equations of fluid flow or thermodynamics, etc) or physical constants (e.g. electron mass, acceleration of gravity, etc). If such information should be supplied, it will be included in the statement of the problem (and that is generally the case with numbers like the electron mass, Planck's constant, etc.). 4. you may ask questions to the faculty proctor during the exam. If it is decided something is unfairly left out, that will be announced to everyone in the room. 5. You must not receive any information – verbal, written, or otherwise – from anyone during the exam except the faculty proctor. 6. You must not give any information to anyone during the exam.
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Problem 1 Consider the following process done on an ideal monatomic gas. 1000 joules of heat are added at constant pressure. The pressure is 1 atm. The system expands in the process and its temperature rises 10 K . (a) Find the number of moles present. (b) Find the increase in volume V . (c) Find the entropy change in terms of the initial temperature T o. Problem 2 The inside of a grounded spherical metal shell of radius R is filled with charge of uniform density ρ . (a) Sketch the magnitude of the E-field as a function of distance r from the center of the shell.
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spr2011-exam - Physics Qualifying Examination Problems 16...

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