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Physics 204A Equation Sheet for Final Exam Laws, Principles, Useful Relationships, and Other Information Definition of Velocity: r v ! d r r dt Definition of Acceleration: r a ! d r v dt Centripetal Acceleration: a c = v 2 r Kinematic Eq’s: v = v o + at x = x o + v o t + 1 2 at 2 v 2 = v o 2 + 2a(x ! x o ) x ! x o = 1 2 (v + v o )t Newton's Second Law ! r F ext = m r a cm or ! r F = d r p dt Mass/weight Rule F g = mg Def’n of Coef. of Friction μ ! F fr F n Definition of Work W ! r F d r s " Def’n of Kinetic Energy K ! 1 2 mv 2 Work-Energy Theorem W net = ! K Definition of Power P ! dW dt Law of Cons. of Energy ! K + ! U = W nc Def’n of Potential Energy ! U " # W c Gravitational P.E. U g = mgy Spring Potential Energy U s = 1 2 kx 2 Def’n of Center of Mass r r cm ! r r dm " M Def’n of Linear Momentum r p ! m r v Def’n of Impulse r J ! r F dt t o t " Impulse-Momentum Theorem ! r
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