F04s(3) - Physics 4A Name: FINAL EXAM Chapters 1 - 14 Fall...

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Physics 4A FINAL EXAM Chapters 1 - 14 Fall 2004 1 Name: Posting Code ____ ____ ____ (only if you want your grade posted on the web.) Solve the following problems in the space provided. Use the back of the page if needed. Each problem is worth 10 points. You must show your work in a logical fashion starting with the correctly applied physical principles shown on the last page. Your score will be maximized if your work is easy to follow because partial credit will be awarded. 1. In 1940, Emanuel Zacchini set the record for distance by a “human cannonball” at 53.0m. His initial speed was 24.0m/s and he was launched at 30.0˚ above horizontal. Find (a)the time he spent in the air and (b)his maximum height above the ground. (a)Use the kinematic equation, x = x o + v ox t + 1 2 a x t 2 " t = x v ox Plugging in the numbers, t = 53.0 24.0cos30.0˚ " t = 2.55 s . (b)Using the kinematic equation, v y 2 = v oy 2 + 2 a y ( y " y o ) # y = " v oy 2 2 a y Plugging in the numbers, y = " v oy 2 2 a y = " 24.0sin30.0˚ ( ) 2 2( " 9.80) # y = 7.35 m . 2. Looking at the apples in the grocery store, the following questions enter your (physics obsessed) mind: (a)Which has a larger mass, an apple or a watermelon? (b)Which feels a larger gravitational force when dropped? (c)Which accelerates toward Earth at a higher rate? Fortunately, your instructor asks you to answer these very questions on your final exam. Unfortunately, he expects you to explain your answers. (a)The watermelon has a larger mass because it is harder to accelerate (or it has more inertia) than an apple. (b)The force of gravity is proportional to the mass according to the mass/weight rule or the Universal Law of Gravitation, so the watermelon feels more gravitational force. (c)Using Newton’s Second Law, they both wind up having the same acceleration. The
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F04s(3) - Physics 4A Name: FINAL EXAM Chapters 1 - 14 Fall...

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