F93(3) - 1 Name Do you want your grade posted Physics 4A...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Name:__________________________________________ Do you want your grade posted?___ Physics 4A FINAL EXAM Fall 1993 Solve the following problems in the space provided. Use the back of the page if needed. Each problem is worth 10 points. You must show your work in a logical fashion starting with the correctly applied physical principles which are on the last page. Your score will be maximized if your work is easy to follow because partial credit will be awarded. 1. A rescue worker wants to drop a package of relief supplies from an airplane that is 150m above the ground traveling at 50.0m/s. Assuming no air resistance, find (a)the time it takes the package to fall and (b)the horizontal distance it will travel during the fall. (c)Assuming the plane continues on course will the pilot see the package land in front of the plane, behind the plane, or right below the plane? Explain. 2. A student drags a 5.00kg bag of dirty laundry at a constant speed of 0.820m/s into the laundromat. The student is pulling on the bag at an angle of 53˚ above the horizontal and the coefficient of friction is 0.200. Find the force exerted by the student. 2 3. A piece of pipe of mass 1.00kg and radius 15.0cm has a 100g mass attached to its inside. The pipe is rotated until the mass is at a 45˚ angle with the vertical then it is released from...
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F93(3) - 1 Name Do you want your grade posted Physics 4A...

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