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ProblemSet10-2 - third of the way down by applying the...

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Physics 204A Problem Set #10-2 1. A child holds a 750g fish out of the water on the end of a 1.40m long fishing pole. Find the torque exerted by the weight of the fish about her hands if (a)the she is holding the pole horizontally and (b)if she is holding the pole at 30.0˚ above the horizontal. 2. (a)Find the rotational inertia of a 150g baseball with a radius of 3.50cm assuming it is a uniform solid sphere. (b)Find the torque that a pitcher must exert on it to get it to go from rest to a spin rate of 2400rpm in the 0.200s it takes to “snap” their wrist. 3. (a)Find the rotational inertia of a 100g meterstick pivoted one-
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Unformatted text preview: third of the way down by applying the equation for the rotational inertia of a stick pivoted at the end two times. (b)Find the rotational inertia using the definition and integrate. 4. The cable of a winch heads downward at an angle of 30˚ below horizontal. It runs over a very small pulley and connects with a 10.0kg mass, which was release from rest. The winch is a cylinder with a mass of 15.0kg and a 15.0cm radius. Find (a)the acceleration of the 10.0kg mass and (b)the angular acceleration of the winch, and (c)the time it takes of the winch to reach a rotation rate of 2000rpm. 2 3 L 3 1 L = 30˚ M = 10.0kg ! R = 15.0cm...
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