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ProblemSet11-1 - Physics 204A Problem Set#11-1 r r ^ ^ 1...

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Physics 204A Problem Set #11-1 1. For the two vectors r A = " 3.00 ˆ i + 2.00 ˆ j and r B = 1.00 ˆ i + 3.00 ˆ j , find (a)their magnitudes, (b)their cross product, and (c)the angle between them. 2. For each of the situations at the right gravity acts along the negative y-axis. Find the direction of the torque on the baseball due to gravity about the origin in each case. 3. A pawl is a toothed gear used to allow something to only turn in one direction as shown in the photo at the right. The sketch below shows a 3.00cm diameter pawl with three forces acting on it.
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