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Physics 204A Problem Set #13-1 1. A produce scale at the market bounces up and down twice a second when 2.00kg of bananas are dropped on it. Find the spring constant of the internal spring. 2. A 750kg car drops 5.00cm toward the ground when three 75.0kg passengers get it to go for a ride. Find the vibrational frequency of the car when it hits a bump in the road. 3. The graph at the right shows the position versus time for an oscillating object. Find (a)the amplitude, (b)the
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Unformatted text preview: period, (c)the frequency, (d)the angular frequency. (e)This curve is not exactly a cosine. Explain what this tells you about the equation for position as a function of time. 4. From the graph of position versus time at the right, find (a)the time when the speed is maximum, (b)the position when the speed is a maximum, and (c)the maximum speed. (d)Use the results from problem 3 to calculate the maximum speed and compare your answer to your answer from part c....
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