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Physics 204A Problem Set #13-2 1. A horizontal spring of spring constant 12.0N/m is connected to 1.00kg mass that can oscillate on a smooth surface. The mass is in equilibrium until it is kicked such that it is given an initial velocity of 0.850m/s. Find (a)the angular frequency of the oscillations, (b)the amplitude of the oscillations, (c)the phase angle, and (d)the equation for the position of the mass as a function of time. 2. The vertical position of a fish bouncing at the bottom of a scale is given by, x = 2.00cos(8.00 t + 1.56) ,
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Unformatted text preview: where x is in centimeters when t is in seconds. Find (a)the position of the fish at t = 1.50s, (b)the velocity of the fish at t = 1.50s, (c)the acceleration of the fish at t = 1.50s, and (d)the maximum speed of the fish. 3. A chandelier has a mass of 3.50kg and hangs 1.30m down from the ceiling. Find the period of oscillation it will have after an earthquake gets it started. 4. A simple pendulum has a period of 2.00s on Earth. Find the period it would have on Mars where the acceleration due to gravity is only 3.71m/s 2 ....
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