S93(3) - 1 Name:__________________________________________...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Name:__________________________________________ Posting Code: _____ _____ _____ Physics 4A FINAL EXAM Spring 1993 Solve the following problems in the space provided. Use the back of the page if needed. Each problem is worth 10 points. You must show your work in a logical fashion starting with the correctly applied physical principles which are on the last page. Your score will be maximized if your work is easy to follow because partial credit will be awarded. 1. A golfer drives a ball 250m with a club that launches the ball at a 17˚ angle. Find the initial speed and time of flight for the ball. 2. A hockey puck slides across the ice at a constant speed until it slams into the wall behind the goal. State Newton's Laws of Motion (you don't have to quote them exactly) and describe how the motion of the hockey puck illustrates each law. 2 3. A 5.00kg puck traveling at 3.00m/s makes a collision with a 10.0kg puck initially at rest. The 5.00kg puck heads of at a 60˚ angle to its initial direction and the 10.0kg puck heads off at 10˚.5....
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S93(3) - 1 Name:__________________________________________...

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