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1 EECE 643: Computer-Aided Circuit Engineering Design Project 1. Design a microcomputer with an instruction set of minimum 15 instructions, a 4- bit dada bus, and a memory with minimum of 16 memory locations. Implement the design of your microcomputer with VHDL and UP 1 board. You can choose to use behavioral or structural modeling to design your microcomputer. 2. Present with Power Point and demonstrate your microcomputer in class. 3. Develop a technical report which includes the following:
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Unformatted text preview: Front page Abstract Introduction System requirements Block diagram User inputs and outputs State assignments Flow chart or diagram Instruction set Memory unit Arithmetic and logic unit Control unit Use of the Altera UP 1 board Testing and implementation of the microcomputer Conclusion Appendices (e.g. VHDL codes, interfacing of UP1 board with VGA, etc.) References...
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