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1 EECE 643: Computer-Aided Circuit Engineering Design Project 1. Design a microcomputer with an instruction set of minimum 15 instructions, a 4- bit dada bus, and a memory with minimum of 16 memory locations. Implement the design of your microcomputer with VHDL and UP 1 board. You can choose to use behavioral or structural modeling to design your microcomputer. 2. Present with Power Point and demonstrate your microcomputer in class. 3. Develop a technical report which includes the following:
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Unformatted text preview: • Front page • Abstract • Introduction • System requirements • Block diagram • User inputs and outputs • State assignments • Flow chart or diagram • Instruction set • Memory unit • Arithmetic and logic unit • Control unit • Use of the Altera UP 1 board • Testing and implementation of the microcomputer • Conclusion • Appendices (e.g. VHDL codes, interfacing of UP1 board with VGA, etc.) • References...
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