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1 EECE 643 Computer-Aided Circuit Engineering - SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis) A powerful tool for analyzing electrical and electronic circuits. - SPICE The de facto industrial standard for computer-aided circuit analysis for electronic circuits, which is used by the majority of IC designers in N. America today. - Because of the enormous complexity of modern IC, computer-aided circuit analysis is essential and can provide information about circuit performance that is almost impossible to obtain with laboratory prototype measurements. - Computer-aided analysis permits: 1. Evaluating the effects of variation in elements (e.g., resistors, transistors, etc.) 2. The assessment of performance improvements or degradations. 3. Evaluating the effects of noise and signal distortion without the need of expensive measuring instruments. 4. Sensitivity analysis to determine the permissible bounds due to tolerance on each and every element value or parameter of active elements. 5. Fourier analysis without expensive wave analyzers.
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2 6. Evaluating the effects of nonlinear elements on the circuit performance. 7. Optimizing the design of electronic circuits in terms of circuit parameters. - History 1. 1965 – the program ECAP (Electronic Circuit Analysis Program) was developed by IBM. 2. 1968 – ECAP served as the starting point for the development of program CANCER at UC – Berkeley. 3. 1972 based on CANCER, SPICE was developed at UC – Berkeley.
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Lec10.643 - EECE 643 Computer-Aided Circuit Engineering -...

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