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MTHSC 851/852 (Abstract Algebra) Dr. Matthew Macauley HW 16 Due Friday, November 1st, 2009 (1) Suppose F E K , F L K , Gal = G ( K/F ), J G , and H G (a) Show that G ( E L ) = G E G L and F ( J H ) = F J F H . (b) Show that [ E L : F ] [ E : F ][ L : F ]. (2) A field F is called perfect if either char F = 0 or else char F = p and F = F p = { a p : a F } . (a) If F is finite show that the map a 7→ a p is a monomorphism and conclude that F is perfect. (b) Show that the field Z p ( t ) of rational functions in the indeterminate t is not perfect. (c) Show that a field F is perfect if and only if every finite extension K of F is separable over F , and hence every f ( x ) F [ x ] is separable. (3) Let F be any infinite field and F ( x ) a simple transcendental extension. Prove that F F ( x ) is a Galois extension. (4) If
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Unformatted text preview: S K and K is algebraic over F ( S ) show that there is a transcendence basis B for K over F with B S (5) (a) Let G = Gal( R / Q ). If G and a b in R show that ( a ) ( b ). [Hint: b-a is a square in R .] (b) Show that G = 1. [Hint: If not choose G and a R such that ( a ) 6 = a . Choose b Q between a and ( a ).] (6) Let F K be a eld extension. (a) Suppose K = F ( x ) is simple transcendental, and show that there are innitely many intermediate elds F L K . (b) Prove the same conclusion as (a) whenever [ K : F ] is innite....
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