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ABI-WE 3 Tip for Requirement #4 on variances: Data are often missing or ambiguous in real-company situations.  Table 3 does not include actual data  on the number of booklets produced (direct material for this company). In a real company, you would  call the appropriate person to get this information, or make an assumption.  For this problem, you can  assume that the actual number of participants equals the actual number of booklets. Make any other  assumptions you make explicit in your solution worksheet.      The column headings in Table 3 are "units" for participants and "dollars" for Sales, DL, DM, and Fixed  S&A.    Actual hours (AH) and standard hours (SH) are presented in the direct labor variance section of the 
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Unformatted text preview: template because templates are used for different situations and hours are often a good measure of quantity. However, for this company, hours can be replaced with "participants" because the trainer is paid per participant. • When completing the variances in the template, do your best and link to numbers in your worksheets, but do not be concerned with hitting a particular check figure. It is important to label the variances favorable or unfavorable and (if you choose to discuss questions 5d-5g for your memo), explain why favorable and unfavorable variances exist and whether favorable variances are always good. Best wishes, Dr. Sue C....
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