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In this week's discussion sections, we revisited Metropolis and the idea of utopia and dystopia, using contemporary Detroit (and the recent VBS video series) as an example. We also explored Janelle Monae's video for "Tightrope," and interrogated it via what we know about Metropolis . Many of you did a great job with the binary oppositions present in Monae's video and with relating aspects of this very contemporary artist to the film. One thing that arose in the afternoon sections but not the morning sections: the idea of the panopticon/the panoptic eye. In Monae's video, this presents itself through the nurse who
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Unformatted text preview: watches from around corners in the hospital, and many of you suggested that the mirror-faces imply a kind of self-surveillance. One direct connection, then, between "Tightrope" and Metropolis is the idea of surveillance and the power structure of the panopticon. Good observations all around. Many of your written discussion questions are related to Devil in the White City . For next week, try to find a particularly compelling passage in the book and work your question around a close-reading of that passage. Be sure, in your question, to include the passage and the page number....
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