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IAH 221c: The City and Modernity Week 9 Discussion Notes Reminders: You should probably attend lecture if you want to do well in the class. Attendance was not good this week. Paper revisions due next Tuesday. Don't forget to attach the original, graded version. Let's talk about this for a few minutes. Finish The Big Sleep . Don't watch the film unless you've read the book--there are too many plot differences (and we'll talk about those next week). Midterms (at the end of class). Gender : Sex/gender distinctions--transparent vs. opaque. Why might the traditional m/f binary be problematic? Performing gender/Judith Butler. What did you think about the restroom sign project? It exposes the reduction of gender performance into a simple binary, presenting male as universal and female as the variation. "Not male," therefore, must be "female." But does this work? What does this have to do with the city?
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Unformatted text preview: Has the city been obviously gendered up and to this point in the class? Does thinking about gender change how we view the evolution of the modern city? To what end? What urban spaces are gendered? How do you see this working in the Big Sleep and the other noir materials? Think about the femme fatale. . . . She is a central character in almost all noir (though, as you will see next week, she isn't always portrayed in the same way), and is often dark, destructive, dangerous, and powerful. Some critics have argued that she functions to further objectify women in a historical period that already objectifies women, but others have argued that her power and central role in noir gives her a new, for the time, sense of agency. The question thus becomes one of gender power politics, where men dominate the city, but women have power over those men. How should we read this?...
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