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Final Review StudyGuide

Final Review StudyGuide - Final Exam review sheet ANP 200...

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Final Exam review sheet ANP 200 FA11 Basics about the exam : it will cover Modules 1-7 plus the AF textbook readings. Some questions about module materials may reference JMPJ in relation to the module materials. There will be 40 multiple choice questions. There will be about 4-5 questions focused on the textbooks, the rest are questions about module materials, though some of the choices in those questions might refer to textbooks. The basic study strategy is: you should have thoughtfully completed all the module work throughout the term. To do well on the exam you need to have carefully read/viewed/heard the course materials and done all relevant assignments and exercises. I suggest you study for the exam by reviewing each module. Each module already organizes the topics in folders and subfolders, so you should probably study by topic, so you can relate all the details and information to its larger context. For example, you’ll probably better understand and remember the idea of “proxemics” if you know that it is inside a folder titled “Nonverbal communication” inside Module 6 which is about the topic of “Communicating across cultures”. So if you get a related question on the exam, you will know what materials to consult to help you answer this question. Make lists of keywords and key examples, referenced to the appropriate module (“the formal/ informal video exercise”; “the iceberg exercise”; etc.) with your notes/comments next to these. Review ALL your quiz results especially the super passport quizzes and ±gure out why you got certain questions wrong and make sure you understand the rationale for the correct answer for those questions. Try making different variations of the same question to see if you really understand what each question is about. Exam is open book, open notes , which means you can bring and refer to any printed material to class but cannot refer to any kind of electronic device while taking the exam. For you, this means no need to do a lot of memorization of terms and names, but instead, it means you should be really familiar with the key topics in the course and where they were covered so you can look them up during the exam. So if I ask about Milton Bennett’s model, you don’t need to memorize the model’s stages but you should have a basic idea of what that is and where to ±nd it. Therefore, you are encouraged to print out any course materials you think you may want to refer to, and to bring your class textbooks to the exam. Besides printing out assigned articles and module text, this includes printing out questions and answers for your old passport quizzes and mini quizzes. Some of you may have access to copies of ±nal/midterm exams given
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in previous terms; you can print out and bring those too but don’t expect to fnd the same questions in your exam (and be aware that commercial sites that provide students with old exam questions may be violating copyright laws and that this may have legal implications For
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Final Review StudyGuide - Final Exam review sheet ANP 200...

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