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© Regents of the University of Minnesota. These materials were created for the Maximizing Study Abroad Series, published by the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition at the University of Minnesota. Permission is granted to duplicate these materials for educational purposes. Permission to reprint must be sought from the CARLA office. The Values Chart – How I Rate Myself In the previous exercises, you were asked to come up with values underlying U.S. popular sayings and to compare and contrast possible U.S. values with those of your host country. Now you will have a chance to focus on who you are in terms of your own values. Since little about humans can be thought of as either/or choices, we have placed each of these values on a continuum. While chances are you are relatively high in one contrasting value and low in another, you may be high in both, even if they are frequently viewed as opposites. Read each description of these values, think about the continuums, and then fill in the circle where you feel you rank in regard to these various values and beliefs. The Individual While you may seek input from others, you are ultimately responsible for your own decisions regarding where you live, what your major is, and where you decide to study abroad. You have a sense of pride in being responsible for yourself and know that others expect you to be independent. Low High The Individual The Group The Group You believe the primary group is the smallest unit of survival. Looking out for others protects one’s self. Group harmony is the greatest good. Children are taught to depend on others, who in turn can always depend on them. Identity is a function of
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ValuesChart - The Values Chart How I Rate Myself In the...

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