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History Midterm Study Guide Sam Kusek Part 1- ID’s -Ancient Bison: also known as a Mammoth, been extinct for 10,000 years and an arrow head was found with bones, meaning there were people that long ago. Became extinct because of climate change and hunting -The Real Discovery of America: People crossed the Bering Strait and populated the Americas thousands of years before Christopher Columbus. They were a hunter gatherer society, transitioning into agricultural, around 4.5 million when Europeans came. -Pocahontas: Native American, daughter of powerful Indian chief Powhatan. Myth that she threw herself over John Smith’s body when her father attempted to murder him. Myth created to ease Europeans’ minds that the Native Americans wanted them there. Was a child, but image is of a sexy babe. Married John Rolfe and had a son named Thomas; died in Europe in 1617 from disease. -John Smith: Englishman that Pocahontas allegedly saved from her father. Wrote 10 years after Pocahontas died that they had a love affair, Explorer. -Powhatan: Powerful chief of the Native Americans in the Jamestown region, Father of Pocahontas. -The Atlantic World: The continents touching the Atlantic Ocean, including the Americas, Caribbean, Africa, and Europe. -Queen Isabella: Queen of Spain, married to King Ferdinand, funded Christopher Columbus’ trip ‘around the world to Asia.’ Spain powerful in the 1500’s -Christopher Columbus: Believed that he could sail west and get to Asia, sailed in 1492 and landed in San Salvador three months later, died believing it was Asia. -Hernan Cortes: Spanish, Conquered the Aztecs in Mexico, got help from Indians, disease, guns, and some people thinking he was a deity helped him. -Columbian Exchange: Exchange of goods between Europe, Africa, and the Americas; Food, diseases, farm animals, metal, guns, slaves, Christianity brought to the New World, raw agricultural crops came from Americas -The Lost Colony: England settled the coast of Virginia in the 1580’s in a colony called Roanoke, England was fighting Spain and didn’t send supplies for three years; when they returned, the colonists were gone, only clues were ‘Croatoans’ written on a tree. Today, it is still a mystery as to where they went.
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-Jamestown: King James gave the Virginia Company 6 million acres in the New World. Jamestown people arrived in April 1607; attacked by Indians, starved, but survived the first winter. John Smith took the lead, organized raids. -Indentured Servitude: People in England who didn’t have a lot of money agreed to go to the New World and be a servant for someone for a certain amount of time, and they would earn their freedom and land after the time was up. -The Puritans: These people wanted purification of the Catholic Church, disliked hierarchy,
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History Midterm Study Guide - History Midterm Study Guide...

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