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NEWHST 202 Midterm studyids - HST 202 Midterm Ancient...

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HST 202 Midterm Ancient Bison- George McJunkin, a black cowboy went out to find his escaped cows in a rainstorm. On his search he found cattle bones. A man who heard of this discovery went to the river, dug up the bones and took them to a paleontologist who claimed they were from ancient bison from 10,000 years before. With these bones were arrow heads from which the bison were killed. The Real Discovery of America- 1 st Native Americans came to America from the Bering Straight (through Alaska and Siberia) Pocahontas- today people have a very Americanized image of her as either a child or a sexy babe. They do this for the romance or to comfort white Americans. In 1613 she was held hostage by the Indians, but ends up marrying John Rolfe whom she had a son with, Thomas. They eventually moved to England where she died. John Smith- leader of James Town, wrote many books-some misleading. Was NOT the one to marry Pocahontas Powhatan- was the Algonquin chief and Pocahontas’s father. Was hesitant to just kill away the English because he was afraid they would keep coming, technology-the English God was very intimidating, weapons they had were scary, a lot of Indians were sick The Atlantic World- America Europe and Africa become connected through slavery Queen Isabella- monarch of Spain with her husband Ferdinand, granted Christopher Columbus permission to sail west because she and Ferdinand “wanted to make a move” Christopher Columbus- got permission from the monarchs of Spain to sail west. The summer of 1492 he set sail and in October he caught a glympes of an island-he claimed possession of that island for the monarchs, this island is currently known as San Salvador. The Indians he met there he called “naked” for although they were clothed they were lacking cultural things such as spices, gold, ivory, and silk. Columbus spent his entire life believing he had landed in Asia. Hernan Cortes- Spanish conquistador who conquered the Aztecs, had steel swords, guns, equipment- even with these advantages he was lacking in men. Disease struck when Cortez and his men got to central Mexico so many died. Columbian Exchange- Trading – tomatoes, potatoes, The Lost Colony- Roanoke, founded by Sir Walter Raleigh – nobody knows how it ended, was in present NCarolina. Henry VIII’s daughter Queen Elizabeth granted colonizing rights for it. Jamestown- what the English name their settlement in the New World after their King, King James I, settled here because England was becoming too crowded and young men wanted to make it big, here on this settlement there is no real plan- they don’t plant and they are starting to go hungary, the leader of this settlement is John Smith Indentured Servitude- fixed term slavery, do this because you get a free trip to North America, you come to America do work for someone for a while as a servant and then you are set free and you have hopes that you will too make it big for yourself The Puritans- those who wanted reform and wanted to “purify” the Catholic church, they wanted
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NEWHST 202 Midterm studyids - HST 202 Midterm Ancient...

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