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STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT 4199 Midterm Sp’12 -...

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NAME : Juan Torres MGT 4199 Midterm 1. Based on information described in the case : What is Amazon.com? o Amazon was the first company that created an integrated shopping experience that fully used the internet tools in order to create a sense of convenience and increase customers’ satisfaction. o Amazon nowadays is the most convenient retailer (including store and non-store based) on the markets in which it operates as well as the retailer with the higher customer satisfaction around the world due to that convenience appeal. What must it do to create and sustain a competitive advantage? Certainly, Amazon has multiple competitive advantages in the online retailing industry specifically, as well as in the retailing industry as a whole. These advantages are: o Brand recognition : Amazon has a large and loyal customer base (final consumer as well as B-to-B customers) that benefits from an enormous product assortment and a superb customer service. To sustain this advantage, Amazon needs to maintain an extraordinary customer service in order to keep its customer base satisfied and faithful. By having high customer satisfaction levels, Amazon is sure that it will retain
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