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Research Chapter 3

Research Chapter 3 - Chapter 3 Secondary data o Data not...

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Chapter 3 Secondary data o Data not gathered for the immediate study at hand but for some other purpose. o Internal secondary data Are collected by a company for accounting purposes, marketing purposes, inventory management. Customer knowledge information : a unique type of internal secondary data provided by customers o External secondary data Data collected by outside agencies such as the federal government, nonprofit organizations, trade associations or periodicals. Literature Review o A comprehensive examination of available information related to your research topic. Secondary data obtained in a literature review should be included in the report labeled as “background research”. o Reasons For Conducting A Literature Review Clarify the research problem and questions. Find similar existing studies. Suggest research hypotheses. Identify questions and scales to measure concepts. Conducting the Review o Popular Sources Popular Search Websites o Scholarly Research o Evaluating secondary data sources: purpose, accuracy, consistency, credibility, methodology, bias. Internal sources of secondary data o Company’s own internal information (little or no cost at all) o Consists of sales, accounting or cost information.
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