Basic Retailing Exam 1 cont

Basic Retailing Exam 1 cont - Nonstore-based retail...

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Nonstore-based retail strategy mixes o Direct marketing: Customer is first exposed to a good or service through a nonpersonal medium and then orders by mail, phone, fax, or computer. (Ex: As seen on TV, catalogues, etc) o Direct selling: Includes both personal contact with consumers in their homes (and other nonstore locations such as offices) and phone solicitations initiated by a retailer. Web retailing/e-tailing/online retailing (Ex: Avon, Herbalife) o Web retailing/ E-tailing/ Online retailing: Merchants set up storefronts online (Ex: Amazon, ITunes) o Digital goods : delivered electronically o Physical goods : shipped via logistic providers Three stages (six steps) that comprise the consumer decision process model o Pre-purchase stage Step 1 Stimulus : try to incentive your stimulus through action or motivation and influence you to consider a retailer Step 2 Problem awareness : the consumer recognizes that the good or service under consideration may solve a problem of shortage or unfulfilled desired. Step 3 Information search : determining the alternatives that will solve the problem at hand and ascertaining the characteristics of each alternative. Internal : consumers own memory External : proactive approach to gather information Step 4 Evaluation of alternatives : selects one opinion from among the choices.
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Basic Retailing Exam 1 cont - Nonstore-based retail...

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