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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 8 • Old Spice page 257-short answer • Creative strategy o A determination of what an advertising message will say or communicate to the target audience • Creative tactics o A determination of how an advertising will be implemented so as to execute the creative strategy • Determinants of creativity 262 • The perpetual debate creative versus hard sell advertising 267 • Can you defend a creative campaign as one that also sells can you give an example short answer questions • Creative process • Storyboard o A series of drawings used to present the visual plan or layout of a proposed commercial • Advertising campaign o It is a set of interrelated and coordinated marketing communication activities that center on a single theme or idea that appears in different media across a specified time period. o Advertising campaigns are short-term in nature (year basis); however, the campaigns themes are usually developed with the intention of being for a longer time period. o Campaign theme: should be a strong idea, as it is the central message that will be communicated in all the advertising and other promotional activities. o Examples: Nike Just do It; Coca-Cola open happiness; etc. • Creative brief • Major selling idea • Unique selling proposition (USP) o Is an advertising strategy that focuses on a product or service attribute that is distinctive to a particular brand and offers an important benefit to the customer • Image advertising o Advertising that creates an identity for a product or service by emphasizing psychological meaning or symbolic association with certain values, lifestyles, and the like • Inherent drama o An approach to advertising that focuses on the benefits or characteristics that lead a customer to purchase a product or service and uses dramatic elements to emphasize them ...
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