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Advertising Exam ch 9 - Chapter 9 Advertising appeal o...

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Chapter 9 Advertising appeal o Refers to the approach used to attract the attention of consumers and/or influence their feelings toward the product, service or cause. o “Something that moves people, speaks to their wants or needs, and excites their interest”. Creative execution style o It is the way a particular appeal is turned into an advertising message presented to the consumer. Informational/Rational appeals o It focuses on the consumer’s practical, functional, or utilitarian need for the product or service and emphasizes features of a product or service and/or the benefits or reasons for owing or using a particular brand. o Feature : Focus on the dominant product traits o Competitive : Makes comparisons to other brands o Price : Makes price offer the dominant point o News : News announcement about the product o Popularity : Stresses the brand’s popularity Emotional appeals o It relates to the customers’ social and/or psychological needs for purchasing a product or service. o Bases for emotional appeals: Personal states or feelings : safety, security, fear, love, nostalgia, self-esteem, ambition, etc. Social : recognition, status, respect, involvement, embarrassment, approval, etc. Transformational ad (short answer, example of a transformational ad) o One which associates the experience of using (consuming) the advertised brand with a unique set of psychological characteristics which would not typically be associated with the brand experience to the same degree without exposure to the advertising. o
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Advertising Exam ch 9 - Chapter 9 Advertising appeal o...

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