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Advertising Exam ch 11

Advertising Exam ch 11 - Chapter 11 Of TV Zipping o The use...

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Chapter 11 Of TV Zipping o The use of a remote control device to change channels and switch away from commercials. Zapping o Fast-forwarding through commercials during the playback of a program previously recorded on a VCR Television network o The provider of news and programming to a series of affiliated local television stations Affiliates o Local television stations that are associated with a major network. Affiliates agree to preempt time during specified hours for programming provided by the network and carry the advertising contained in the program. o Fox or CBS have an affiliate station for Atlanta, Chattanooga, Miami, etc. Up-front market o A buying period that takes time prior to the upcoming television season when the networks sell a large part of their commercial time Scatter market o A period of purchasing television advertising that runs throughout the TV season Spot advertising (spot TV and Radio) o
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  • Spring '12
  • TyraMitchell
  • Television network, Television program, Fox Broadcasting Company, Local television stations, specific time period

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