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Advertising Exam ch 12 - Chapter 12 Magazines and...

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Chapter 12 Magazines and newspapers face tough times starting 405 Classification of magazines 408-409 Of magazines Gatefolds o An oversized magazine page or cover that that is extended and folded to fit into the publication. Are used to extend the size of the advertisement and are always sold at premium Bleed pages o Magazine advertisement where the printed area extents to the edge of the page, eliminating any white margin or border around the ad. Split runs o Two or more versions of a print ad are printed in alternatives copies of a particular issue of a magazine Primary circulation o Number of individuals who receive a publication through subscription or store purchase Guaranteed circulation o The number of magazines the publisher expects to sell. If this figure is not reached, advertisers may be given a partial refund Circulation verification o Magazine circulations are audited by a verification service Controlled circulation o Copies are sent (free) to individuals who influence purchases Total audience o Primary circulation plus pass along readership Pass-along readership
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Advertising Exam ch 12 - Chapter 12 Magazines and...

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