Chapter 6 - Chapter 6 Source o Personal sources are the...

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Chapter 6 Source o Personal sources are the most influential factors in a purchase decision. o The person involved in communicating a marketing message, either directly or indirectly. o Direct Source is a spokesperson who delivers a message and/or endorses a product or service. (Ex: well know actresses) o Indirect source doesn’t actually deliver a message but draws attention to and/or enhances the appearance of the ad (Ex: a model) o The source may be knowledgeable, popular and/or physically attractive; typify the target audience; or have the power to award or punish the receiver in some manner. Source attributes o Credibility (corporate leaders as speakers) Is the extent to which the recipient sees the source as having relevant knowledge, skill, or experience and trusts the source to give unbiased, objective information. The source has to be trustworthy, honest, ethical, and believable. Once the receiver accepts the information provided as trustworthy it internalizes (internalization0 it. Expertise are the people that have deep knowledge about a product or service (engineers for technical products; doctors for health care, etc) (Dove ad) Trustworthiness : the target audience must also find the source believable. Corporate leaders as Spokespeople : companies believe is the ultimate expression of the company’s commitment to quality and customer service. The use of corporate people help create identity and personality (Wendy’s)
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Chapter 6 - Chapter 6 Source o Personal sources are the...

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