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BLOG CH 10 - Juan Torres Blog Chapter 10 I consider myself...

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Juan Torres Blog Chapter 10 I consider myself to be a different shopper. I say this because I don’t have a car, so when I go somewhere to purchase anything I am biased either by the convenience factor (proximity to my house) and/or the word of mouth from whoever is driving me. With this in mind I will analyze 5 purchases I recently made. 1. Product: Silk almond milk 2. Product: Colgate toothpaste 3. Product: Frangelico 4. Product: Portobello mushrooms 5. Product: Kroger Brand rice Due to the similarity of most of the purchases I made, I will analyze four of them (Silk almond milk, Colgate toothpaste, Portobello mushrooms and Kroger Brand rice) as one motive, and leave the remaining purchase (Frangelico) as a different motive. When analyzing the motivator factors for my “traditional” weekly purchases, it is clear that all of them are low in emotion, involvement, and have manifest motives. My shopping basket doesn’t vary too much because I am vegetarian, and I always purchase at the same store (Kroger) which offers few assortment of veggies products. Therefore, my emotion toward the products is low,
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