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Question # 1 Review materials on Office Depot’s Web site ( ) pertaining to their environmental stewardship efforts, including their ongoing reports. Prepare a report that details accomplishments that Office Depot has made relating to its 10 guiding principles . How would you judge Office Depot’s environmental stewardship ? I did not see an answer to this question, but I could have missed it. In 2004, Office Depot issued its first annual Environmental Stewardship Report. Since then, Office Depot has implemented and executed numerous strategies and policies to “go green” in the way they buy, sell, and operate. Detailed in the 2004 report are ten key guiding principles to help them accomplish that goal. The ten principles are divided into three core areas: recycling and pollution reduction, responsible forest management and conservation, and awareness and market development. How Office Depot buys green: Offers more than 6,800 items with recycled content and more than 1,000 energy efficient electronics and lights, and hundreds of items that are made with safer chemicals Formed an alliance with three of the world’s most respected science-driven conservation organizations to support sustainable forestry Cut global contract with Asia Pulp & Paper, because of the corporation’s controversial forestry practices Ninety-nine percent of marketing materials came from certified responsibly managed forests in 2009 In 2009, Office Depot’s internal green office supplies purchases was 46%, the goal for 2012 is 80% Use of green cleaning products at headquarters Has earned the maximum number of credits for sustainable purchasing In 2012, Office Depot plans to ensure 80% of marketing materials come from certified well-managed forests How Office Depot is Green: In 2009, recycled 58% of end-of-life materials in the USA Regularly hold waste awareness events to increase recycling Warehouses use packaging optimization software that is designed to select the smallest size envelope or box for the products required to be shipped Reduced electricity and carbon-dioxide emissions by 10%, in 2006 In 2009, Office Depot reduced absolute greenhouse gases from transportation by 12% Office Depot’s 2012 goal is to earn more money from recycling products than they spend on sending waste to landfill Plans to reduce carbon footprint by 25% How Office Depot sells green 1 : In 2003, Office Depot created and currently maintains The Green Book that contains more than 2,000 of their greenest products, as well as educational content In 2007, Office Depot was the first in their industry to launch a Green website that focused on green products 1 (p 4)
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In 2010, developed a Greener Office rating system allowing customers to pick products based on how green they wanted their products Organized the “Green Business Review” which enables consumers to track their
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case 1 - Question # 1 Review materials on Office Depots Web...

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